Los hijos de Wang Lung

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Los hijos de Wang Lung (Spanish language, 1942, Talleres gráficos Nicolás C. Capellano)

439 pages

Spanish language

Published Nov. 20, 1942 by Talleres gráficos Nicolás C. Capellano.

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"Wang Lung lay dying." Thus the action of SONS begins immediately after that of the last chapter of THE GOOD EARTH. This new novel carries on the saga of the house of Wang, of Pear Blossom and the aging Lotus, of the three sons of Wang Lung, their wives and their children. The chief character is the youngest son, Wang The Tiger, leader of men, who through raids and sieges and pitched battles comes to power and fame as a war lord and revolutionary general. "A distinguished successor."—Lewis Gannett, New York Herald Tribune. "When any novel by a new writer wins the extraordinary acclaim that was accorded THE GOOD EARTH the question always arises, is the author a one book writer? SONS is the answer. Mrs. Buck is not; emphatically not."— Nathaniel Peffer, New York Herald Tribune. "A fine full-blooded tale, which bears inevitably along the course set by …

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