Metro 2033

el último refugio Metro #1

544 pages

Spanish language

Published Feb. 29, 2012 by Timun Mas Narrativa, Minotauro, MINOTAURO.

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3 stars (4 reviews)

Metro 2033 (en ruso: Метро 2033) es una novela de ficción postapocalíptica de 2002 del autor ruso Dmitry Glukhovsky. Está ambientado en el metro de Moscú, donde los últimos sobrevivientes se esconden después de un holocausto nuclear global. Le siguieron dos secuelas, Metro 2034 y Metro 2035, y generó la franquicia de medios Metro..

15 editions

Interesting World without a fitting story

3 stars

I decided to read this as I was interested in the dark atmosphere and intriging world. And in that aspect the book definitely delivered. The muscovy Metro is split into different factions with internal conflicts determining the actions of their leaders thus shaping the whole Metro. Unfortunately there are regular crises demanding cooperation of conflicting factions ... what a set up!

The introduction to the mc was also grabbing my attention. However, to establish the factions the mc has to at least pass them by which leads to a drawn out story. In my opinion it sometimes feels like the author prioritised showing of this cool world instead of writing a tense story. And I thought some scenes were really weird but that might just be me. However there were moments which stayed in my head and I really appreciated. And towards the end the book feels a bit like …

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2 stars