313 pages

English language

Published Sept. 8, 1998 by Abacus.

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COMPLICITY n. 1. the fact of being an accomplice, esp. in a criminal act. A few spliffs, a spot of mild S&M, phone through the copy for tomorrow's front page, catch up with the latest from your mystery source - could be big, could be very big - in fact, just a regular day at the office for free-wheeling, substance-abusing Cameron Colley, a fully paid-up Gonzo hack on an Edinburgh newspaper. The source is pretty thin, but Cameron senses a scoop and checks out a series of bizarre deaths from a few years ago - only to find that the police are checking out a series of bizarre deaths that are happening right now. And Cameron just might know more about it than he'd care to admit ...Involvement; connection; liability - Complicity is a stunting exploration of the morality of greed, corruption and violence, venturing fearlessly into the darker recesses …

5 editions

re-read after 20yrs, still good but now a timecapsule as well as a crime story

No rating

Re-read it after finding a $1 copy in a market, first read it twenty years ago when borrowed from a friend. Not quite as gripping second time around, very much of its time and place, the drugs, the music, the landscape and the politics of the UK in the early '90s. I think I had an inkling of whodunnit far earlier during my first reading than on my second, memory failed in the intervening years!