Deepsix (Priscilla Hutchins #2)


Published April 28, 2002 by Eos.


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5 stars (1 review)

In the year 2204, tragedy and terror forced a scientific team to prematurely evacuate Maleiva III. Nineteen years later, a rogue moon hurtling through space is about to obliterate the last opportunity to study this rare, life-supporting planet. With less than three weeks left before the disaster, superluminal pilot Priscilla "Hutch" Hutchins — the only even remotely qualified professional within lightyears of the ill-fated planet — must lead a small scientific team to the surface to glean whatever they can about its lifeforms and lost civilizations before time runs out. But catastrophe awaits when they are stranded on this strange and complex world of puzzles and impossibilities. And now Hutch and her people must somehow survive on a hostile world going rapidly mad — as the clock ticks toward apocalypse for a doomed enigma now called...

2 editions

Suspense arqueológico espacial

5 stars

Sí, has leído bien, Suspense arqueológico espacial. La segunda novela de la saga de Las Máquinas de Dios atrapa aún más que la primera. Me encanta cómo maneja McDevitt el suspense, cómo deja pinceladas de sociología en cada página. Me ha gustado mucho el personaje de McAllister.

Por último, es un maestro de los finales abiertos. A mí me deja con ganas de saber más y leer más. Pero claro, si fuese más cerrado, perdería la magia!