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Lois Makmaster Budzhold, Lois McMaster- Bujold, Lois M. Bujold, and 24 others Lois Bujold- McMaster, 洛伊絲·莫瑪絲特·布約德, Lois MacMasterBujold, Lois Bujold- Mc Master, Lois Bujold- Mac Master, לויס מקמסטר בוז׳ולד, Lois McMaster Bujoldová, Lois Mac Master Bujold, Lois Mc Master Bujold, L・M・ビジョルド, ロイス・マクスマスター ビジョルド, Lois Bujold- MacMaster, Лоїс Макмастер Буджолд, Лоис Макмастер Буџолд, Лоис Макмастер Буджолд, Лоис Макмастер Бусжолд, Lois MacMaster Bujold, ロイス・マクマスター ビジョルド, Lois McMaster Bujold, Lois Mac MasterBujold, Лоис Макмастър Бюджолд, Lois Makmaster Budžold, Lois Joy McMaster Bujold, לויס מקמסטר בוז'ולד
Nov. 2, 1949

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Lois McMaster Bujold ( (listen) boo-ZHOHLD; born November 2, 1949) is an American speculative fiction writer. She is an acclaimed writer, having won the Hugo Award for best novel four times, matching Robert A. Heinlein's record (not counting his Retro Hugos). Her novella "The Mountains of Mourning" won both the Hugo Award and Nebula Award. In the fantasy genre, The Curse of Chalion won the Mythopoeic Award for Adult Literature and was nominated for the 2002 World Fantasy Award for best novel, and both her fourth Hugo Award and second Nebula Award were for Paladin of Souls. In 2011 she was awarded the Skylark Award. She has won two Hugo Awards for Best Series, in 2017 for the Vorkosigan Saga and in 2018 for the World of the Five Gods. The Science Fiction Writers of America named her its 36th SFWA Grand Master in 2019.The bulk of Bujold's works comprises three series: the Vorkosigan Saga, the World of the Five Gods, and the Sharing Knife series.

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